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Tail Gate Party 5/5/2007

The Ambulance

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John And Linda's Wedding

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John And Linda's Wedding

November 2002

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5:00 Pm "D" Day

Linda had a Problem with the Ring

Mr. & Mrs. Kerr

Brandy, Linda, John & Craig

Linda & John

Bob, Linda & John

Matt and Craig hard at work

Coach, Robin,Cluada, Jeff, Mike, Bill, Mitch & Shelly

Craig, John, Linda & Brandy

Susan, Nancy & Linda

Kevin & Paul

Wendell, Norman, Irene & Bob

Linda, Terry, Robin & Eddie

Linda & Sabrina

Kevin, Brandy & Craig

Chris & Sandy

Daryl & Willy

Bill, Linda & Willy

Daryl, Linda & Mitch

Kim & Mike

Linda & Dale

Joe & Donna

KIm, Mike, Shelly & Sandy

Chaz and Sandy

Craig, Irene, Norman, Dale & Brandy

The Cake