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Best dive
Big Bamboo Lounge & Package

Although almost every bar in Orlando more than 10 years old is in line for this honor, the "Boo" (4849 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, 407-396-2777) has the best claim to the title, since the place will soon be demolished. In addition, it meets the definition of a dive as a "run-down" bar, since it's literally falling apart. What other establishment can boast a sign with only half its letters remaining? Where else must patrons face the challenge of negotiating a small lake (Lake Bamboo) in order to reach the place?

Once you enter, though, you'll find a rich atmosphere, with theme-park and historical memorabilia blanketing the walls and ceilings. Picture a room at Pleasure Island's Adventurers Club after a small explosion, and that's the Boo. And the drinks aren't bad either.

Couches fill one room, with posters, newspapers, Disney nametags and discarded female lingerie draping the walls. Between the men's and women's restrooms sits a truck seat, complete with seat belts -- we guess for the truly inebriated. And the screened-in porch helps re-create the Key West backyard-bar feeling. The 1940s big-band music doesn't hurt.

A 25-year tradition, the Boo will close in February 2003, according to a stipulation in the will of former owner Bruce Muir, who died three years ago, according to employee Krista Edmonson. Unless someone with a penchant for operating dives comes to its rescue, this unlikeliest of landmarks will give way to yet another gas station.