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Tail Gate Party 5/5/2007

The Ambulance

Ralph Kent

The Regulars

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Building The Foot Rail

Past Bartenders

John And Linda's Wedding

The Boo Dogs

Let's Party

New Years 2001

New Years 2002

Bacchus Bash 2001

Aerial View Of the Boo

Building The Tower

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Tourist Photo Gallery

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Bob Kerr

Phoenix, AZ


White Lake, Michigan

Walter Gee & Annie Gee

Walt Hamcox

Ann Gonring

Barb & Frank

Dundee, Mi

Karen & Greg (2002)

Minneapolis, Mn

Dave, Norm, & Pat "Stroke"

Gaylord & Kaycee


Jack, Sandy & Karen

N. Quiney, Ma

Jeremy and John

Patty & Pickle Aka "Mike in Florida"

Indianapolis, Indiana

Rebica & Tom

Las Cruces - Orlando

Riley & JR WIth Jeremy & Julie

Greenville, Nc

Robert Kerr

Phoenix, Arizona

The Opening Group Of Epcott

20 year Reunion

The Opening Group Of Epcott

20 year Reunion

The Opening Group Of Epcott

20 year Reunion

Barb & Marge

Vero Beach

Susie And Gary

Horsehead, Ny

Brenda And Tony

Orlando, FL

Valieria & Sandra

Joan & Frank (Left) Skip And Bud (Right)

Dearborn, Mi And Southgate, Mi

Dave Jeanine Nancy Terry

Ny & Fl

Tara Shayn Trevor Lori

Arron, Oh

Jud "John" & Desiree



Scores the #1 Seat from Krista

Dayton, Oh

Julia & Justin

Chicago, Il

Linda, Julio and Donna

St. Cloud and Chicago, Il

Rich, Steven "last night of freedom" and Chris

Oh - Kissimmee and Orlando

Matt & Brian

Houston, Tx

Larry Dierker sent them.

Kathy, Rick, Frank & Linda

Texas - South Carolina

Tom & Marylan

Detroit, MI

Tom really thinks he is Spider Man

Murray, Grace, Georgie, Stevie & John

Harrisburg, PA

Ambar 'Flip' Patel

Brian 'BT' Thompson

Brian 'Jr Mint' Cron

Dave, Jed & Fred

Paul Desiderioscioli's Toy's R Us Career

BT, Fred & Mike

San, Ambar & Paul

The Crew

Joe, Jerry Frank

Tinley Park, Il.

Joe Parisi, Jerry Walsh, Frank Parisi, Mike Maynard, Mary Ann Maynard

Bob and some of his cronies From Michigan

The Rubber Nut Crew

The Crazy English Group

Friends of Bill

Louie, Becky, Mary & Ron

Lincoln, IL

This was after their trip to Helga's House Of Pane

And Mary Thought she was the cocktail server.

Bob and some more of thoese cronies From Michigan

What fun a Cherry stem can be!!

Pete & Sam

Rob, Bob and Jim

Long Island, NY

Picture tells it all.

Beth with Chaz

Greg & Karen (2003)

Minneapolis, Mn

Great Therapy with Rick Hance & Rick Burgess

Rick, Carrie & Deanna & Rick Burgess

Fitz, Ray, Elaine, Tc an Clayton

Plymoth England

Front Row

Kristian (Germany), Martin (Germany), Oliver (Germany), Stefan (Germany), Gabi (Mexico)

Back Row

A.J (Canada), Alex (Germany)

Anja Weber (Munich Germany) & Robin Mueller-Schober (Stuttgart Germany)

Louie, Richard, Dave & Dave

Cranston, Rhode Island



Kelly & the Scotsmen

Kelly (Michigan) Ronnie, Andy & Duncan (Scottland)

John, John, Joe, Julie, Sharon & Barb

Essex England



Sarha & Beve

Washington, Orlando

Wendy Poe Unknown blonde Gina Kathy Krause Bruce Patty Carol Guernsey Scott Linville

Jon Colbath Beth Amadon Steven Antuna

Brenda Horner Gregg Biro